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Rural setting
Access to the outdoors
The Fellowship Community is a dynamic, work-based, inter-generational, long-term care community founded on the ideas of Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy. ​ Their mission is to cultivate a community surrounding the care of the elderly by: nurturing the body, soul, and spirit of the human being through all phases of life; creating and maintaining a social process worthy of our common humanity; caring responsibly for the earth upon which we live. They strive to do this by providing: . human-centered long-term care for the elderly that can be a model for society; individualized therapeutic and medical support and services; meaningful and fulfilling work in service; continuing education, including cooperation with the neighboring institutions of the Threefold Community, including the study of biodynamic agriculture. They are working together for the renewal of social, economic, and cultural life by: the recognition of individual human rights based in equality; fostering an economic life based on brotherhood and sisterhood; the cultivation of spiritual values and cultural life in freedom. Within the Fellowship Community itself, there are a number of different living arrangements available to members, reflecting the wish to create a multi level care community. Three buildings contain a number of apartments for those capable of and interested in more independent living. These buildings also house coworkers and their families and a workshop space of some kind, whether the weavery or the foundation office or the like. These buildings are maintained by Fellowship coworkers. In Hilltop House, there are individual rooms with full baths for those who still care for themselves but choose to have more support in daily life, whether in maintaining their spaces or simply having more ready access to common meals and other activities. For those in need of increasing daily care, there are rooms in the care unit, which is located in the very center of Hilltop House. Some of these are double, some single rooms. These rooms are available to those who find themselves needing increasing care and support from trained coworkers. Because the Fellowship Foundation is seeking an experience in community life, those entering the community are generally still independent and able to care for themselves in basic ways. A person’s medical condition must be one that can be managed within the context of an adult home, which is how they are licensed by the New York State Department of Social Services.

Pricing Summary

Pricing can vary greatly depending on the accomodations you choose and the level of assistance you require, if any. Contact us to find out more.


Here are the various types of units available to choose from, subject to availability. There may be more options than what are shown. Contact us to find out more.

Apartment Sizes

Unit type
Shared rooms1 BedroomsStudios


Available Layout Options

Unit type
Shared room1 BedroomStudio

Available Care

Here you will find the types of healthcare, assistance and support offered at this community, some of which may come with an additional cost.

Healthcare Staff

Full-time doctor


Here you will find the style of dining offered at the community, as well as the types of diets they can accomodate. If you have special restrictions, contact us to find out more.

Dining Style

3 meals daily
Meal plans/vouchers
Snacks available all day

Dietary Accomodations

Restricted diets


Staff and visiting professionals offer a variety of services to make residents lives easier, though some may come with an additional cost or be subject to availability.

Parking & Transportation

Car/shuttle service
Scheduled transportation


Amenities represent the 'bones' of a community: the rooms, facilities, features and infrastructure meant to enhance and enrich the lives of its residents.

Indoor Amenities

Laundry room
Overnight guest suite